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MexiCali Chili
MexiCali Chili
MexiCali Chili

MexiCali Chili

North Shore Flavors

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The first records of Chili date back to the late 1840's. Prospectors making the journey from Mexico and Texas to the goldfields of California formed dried beef, fat, chili peppers and salt into bricks that could be dropped into a pot of boiling water for an easy, hearty meal. The popularity of chili rapidly spread once when prospectors returned home to their respective areas of the US. 

Our MexiCali starter includes a blend of all natural herbs and spices, including Ghirardelli cocoa powder, which adds a rich depth to complement the other big flavors. It's great with beef, but is also delicious with ground chicken or turkey. You'll get that slow simmered taste, with the perfect touch of heat, in a fraction of the time.  Serve with sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, and finely chopped onion. 

But don't stop there! You can use this blend to flavor meat for tacos, tortilla soup, enchiladas or any slow cooker meal where you want a burst of Mexican flavor. 

MexiCali Chili Recipe