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Barbacoa Tradicional
Barbacoa Tradicional
Barbacoa Tradicional

Barbacoa Tradicional

North Shore Flavors

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Product type : Spice Starter
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Barbacoa is believed to have originated centuries ago in Barbados, an island country in the West Antilles of the Caribbean. The Barbacoa style of slow roasting meats over a fire pit was eventually taken north to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. Today, the word Barbacoa has transformed into what we now know as “Barbecue”. In this starter blend, we pay homage to the traditional flavors of Barbados, while adding our own twist of modern spice. 

Our Barbacoa blend complements the natural flavors of beef brisket, creating an irresistible braised taste. Serve with finely diced onion and fresh cilantro in tacos or skip the carbs and create your own bowl with your favorite veggies and Mexican fixings.

Barbacoa Tradicional Recipe