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North Shore Flavors provides gourmet Instant Pot and slow cooker starters used to create easy and delicious low carb/no carb meals. Each of our single-use, gourmet spice starter blends is made in small batches, with all-natural ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, MSG and anti-caking chemicals. Most of our recipes take about 10 minutes to prepare and include simple to follow instructions.

About North Shore Flavors

At North Shore Flavors, we believe a healthy and delicious meal should be quick and easy to prepare. We're proud to share our favorite spice blends with you and know you'll love sharing these meals with those you love too.

Our namesake pays tribute to the port of Salem, on the north shore of Massachusetts. Once the spice capital of North America, Salem’s profits from the spice trade once gave the small town the highest per capita income in the world. Through their nautical prowess and keen business skills, the people of Salem opened the small port to the world. Even well into the 1900s, whole black peppercorns in places like Australia were known as Salem Pepper.